The Legacy Pro Bit is for those desiring a bit with stronger leverage, allowing the rider
to communicate using subtle cues for optimum performance. It's excellent for horses already in a Leverage Curb style bit, a seasoned horse to carry comfortably, or riders with more educated hands. It's good for all Western disciplines: Competition, Timed Events, Showing, Ranch, Roping and Trail Riding.  The Legacy Pro Bit develops correct headset, vertical flexion, balance, and collection. It's a nice tool for transferring weight to the hind quarters, aiding in better
turns, stops and back up.  It's helpful for correcting horses that lean against the bridle, pull, root or bolt.  It comes in Antique Bronze Shanks with German Silver Accents and Trim.  It's the same Mouthpiece as the Original and Heirloom Legacy bits - Leather Curb Strap included.

     The shanks measure 6" from mouthpiece to rein ring, with a 2 1/2" Purchase height from mouthpiece to bridle ring. The Pro Bit's straighter well balanced shanks deliver excellent leverage allowing the rider to use subtle cues for a faster response. Offers good rate for timed events.  The shanks swivel allowing for a nice lateral feel, and independent shoulder lift.
     The mouthpiece is made of Sweet Iron offering a sweet taste, encouraging salivation production promoting a softer, more responsive mouth. It's slightly curved, comfortable mouthpiece design for the horse. The bars are rounded to the corners of the shank, so there is no pinching. The port is flatter shaped and provides ample room for the tongue.
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