Mikmar Dressage Reviews

My mare loves the Cupreon 3 piece snaffle with the little roller. Such an easy bit for a well behaved horse.

I love the Mikmar snaffles. I have one for each of my 4 horses. I have the Cupreon D Ring with Lozenge and the Full Cheek with Lozenge Snaffles. My horses love them. I love the quality. Thank you Mikmar for making a bit that works well for my horses.

I can't believe I'm writing this, but here it is. I own a 16 y.o. QH gelding, 16-1 hands, very unwilling partner. Have had him for 7 years, and struggled every inch of the way, going from one soft double jointed snaffle type of bit to another (Dr. Bristol, french mouth piece, KK german silver, etc.) These are all wonderful bits, but not for my horse. Although he improved quite a lot over the years, he hated all those bits, hated being ridden, and hated me when we rode! He shoveled me around up there mercilessly, grabbing hold here, sucking back there, no rhythm, no soft comfortable contact, just one inconsistency and struggle after another. And it was not just in his head and neck - it went through his whole body. I will not even comment on what this did to my riding!

Well, since I ride dressage, (or tried to!), it was a quantum leap for me to try your bit. But I did, out of true desperation, and in one ride I noticed a huge difference. But that wasn't enough for me. So now, after 2+ weeks of riding, and 2 dressage lessons with my instructor, I can truly report that my horse is really different. And so am I. My horse is very accepting of the Combination Bit, and with a little practice, we had much more than just a head set. He goes very forward with generous strides into the bridle and I am on a very light rein, yet a very light application of the rein brings an obedient (and pleasant) response. His entire body is much more relaxed and I finally have a quiet place to sit and use my seat and leg aids that got so lost in all his unhappy nonsense before. His stiffness to the left has improved dramatically, and his left canter, which was so bad I wondered if he had a physiological problem (but couldn't find one), is soft and round and he is now starting to also bend nicely around the left leg in addition to submitting with just the head and neck. And as he does this a little more with each ride, it becomes easier and easier for him as the correct muscle development occurs.

Several people at my barn have noticed the change in my horse, who is (correction, was) the stable "bad boy". Don't be surprised if you have other orders from Anchorage, Alaska! You get high scores from me and I'm telling everyone!

Thank you very very much. I am so glad I listened to the person who recommended your products to me.


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