Mikmar Endurance Reviews

I have been riding horses for over 35 years and an equine vet for 18. Four years ago I became interested in distance riding and started to ride a lot. The 5-year-old Arab gelding (Piper) I started with had biting issues and back problems. I had hard hands and tense body problems. When we switched to the Mikmar Bit, Piper's entire body carriage immediately changed. The combination of my riding better and this new bit was like night and day. I still work hard not to slip back into bad habits, but I'm quite certain that without the Mikmar we would not be competing so successfully. I was so taken by Piper's response that I bought 2 extra bits and gave them to my favorite horse trainers. We look forward to our next season's 100-mile-rides.

Pam Karner VMD Ithaca, NY

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