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The Mikmar Comfort Girth is designed to move with the horse for maximum performance and comfort!

Allowing freedom of movement and breathing!

Scientific studies have proven that poor fitting girths inhibit optimum performance of a horse. Specifically, over tightened rigid girthing directly affects respiratory function and compresses muscles reducing blood flow and the supply of oxygen.

The consequences are remarkable. Simply stated “uncomfortable-stressed horses cannot function as they should.”

Mentally- A lack of focus and willingness, defense reactions, nervousness and tension are all signs of discomfort.

Physically- The list is long, decreased performance, impaired movement, shortened stride, and fatigue result.

Flexibility, impulsion, balance, collection or relaxation may be affected.

Muscle atrophy or soreness can come about. Pinching, rubbing, swelling and skin irritation or sensitivity may be present.

Vital areas on your horse whose mobility must be preserved may be affected like the diaphram, withers, back, neck, spine, abdomen, and hind end. As well as the chest, sternum and sling muscles.

Riders spend a considerable amount of time searching out effective bits and customizing saddles and saddle pads... through much research and development we now know that a proper fitting-well functioning girth is an essential piece of tack for maximum performance, mental clarity and comfort!

Function of The Gibaud Center Panel:

The Mikmar Comfort Girths incorporate a unique wide center Gibaud panel, designed by the Gibaud Laboratory in France. This patented technical material has a very high capacity for elongation and support allowing the horse's ribs to expand and contract without restriction. It covers a much larger area of your horses belly, conforming naturally to the ventral anatomy of the horse. Thanks to its cross shape, this pad fits perfectly to horse’s thorax reducing pressure and virtually eliminating the risk of pinching. The panel is lined with a natural non-slip alveolar rubber and is positioned correctly to keep the saddle centralized and secure to prevent the saddle from slipping.

Quality Construction and Appearance:

The Gibaud Fabric, center panel is black in color offering less visibility under the belly.

An addition of a safety strap inner woven between the Gibaud Fabric prevents riders from over tightening the elastic fabric, thus improving durability and overall structure.

The stretching from the center section of the girth and not from the higher billet area under the riders leg enables a lot higher elasticity than other girths.

Quality padded leather with attractive stitching offers an elegant appearance. The leather for Dressage girths is available in Black and Hunter/Jumper Girths are available in a Light or Dark brown color.

The roller buckles make girthing easier with less wear and tear on the saddle billets. The Dressage style girth offers leather covers that Velcro close over the buckles for added comfort and protection.

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