Mikmar Western Performance Reviews

Dear Mikmar Bit Company,

I am writing to you to express my gratitude for my new Mikmar Bit, the Watson Two Ring. Wow where to start... I am the proud owner of an 11 year old Peppy San Badger Dual Pep quarter horse gelding. As you can imagine he is quite a handful. When I got him he had been used to rope off of. So he was used to backing in the box and coming out as fast as h...e could . My passion is reining. So for me I needed a bit that would soften him up with out being too harsh.

Coming to Mikmar not really knowing what direction to go I explained my situation to their customer service representative, turns out that putting my trust into them was absolutely the right thing to do!

I had my first ride with my gelding today in his new Watson Sweet Iron Bit, he was amazing amazing amazing! It was like I was on a new horse. He was controlled, collected, soft and supple. He was even better on the trail!

What a great feeling to canter your horse down the trail completely in control! I will never be able to say thank you enough! Thank you Mikmar!! I will absolutely recommend Mikmar to everyone I know!

What a great feeling to enjoy a beautiful day with your horse!

I bought my mare, Hershey, when she was just two years old. When it was time to transition her into a leverage bit, the first one I grabbed was the Mikmar Training Bit. I love how it provides clear communication, and my mare loves how secure the bit feels in her mouth because of the unique wide mouth design. Five years later and it has been such a big help in preparing for tough competition at APHA (American Paint Horse Assn.), and open shows.


Dear Mikmar,
I am an avid Barrel Racer and I got a chance to borrow my friends Mikmar Combination Bit for a short time last night.  After about 3-4 slow trot and canters around the pattern I picked up the speed to about 1/2- 3/4 speed and it worked like a charm. My friend is going to let me use it again on Sunday in a competition, that will be the true test. And if it goes as it did last night I will order one on Monday. I absolutely loved it, and come to find out there is another individual in the organization that I run in that uses a Mikmar Bit. I think she uses the longer shank one and she has been winning with it. I had one of the smoothest and best practices I have had in a long time, and I was very surprised at the bend that I had. Alot of times you need to be able to reach down lower on the reins and pull the nose around, and I did it and had the control. I normally use a tie down and did not use one with this bit. He stuck his nose in the air around the second but I just pulled his nose in and he did what he was suppose to do. So I am really excited about this.

Oh by the way, I used the bit for the second time yesterday and the first time in competition and we won some money! Got 2nd in the 4-D!   

Waller, Texas

Dear Mikmar, I show in AQHA, and I also train horses for shows. I have been looking for the great Mikmar Bit that teaches horses to flex and give to the head and lower it all at the same time. When I bought the Mikmar Bit, my mare loved it. The bit is very easy to work in, and gets results fast. I have been using it everyday... and WOW... I can feel the difference! When I went to the show, and put her show bit on her head, she stayed the same, as like she was wearing the Mikmar Bit, and we placed in the top 5! Thank you soooooooo much on your great Bit. I have highly recommended it for all my students.


Testimonial letter from Judy Lee: I was first introduced to the Mikmar bit in 1972 when I began taking riding lessons at Buckeye Ranch. I had taken over riding a two-year-old buckskin Poco Bueno bred filly that had such a severe head throwing habit that I could actually see her front teeth from the saddle when she slung her head. She was immediately put into the Mikmar and the development of her mouth and my hands began. Within a few weeks she no longer threw her head at all, and was softening and giving nicely.

At her first show, four months later, she placed fourth in an Open Western Pleasure Class, and went on to have a very long, successful show career. Twenty-three years later, I still use the Mikmar on all the colts I start, as well as the older, seasoned horses. I haven't found a horse that hasn't benefited from the Mikmar. All of my students use it too, whether they ride my horses or their own. It is a very forgiving bit and is excellent to develop a rider's hands. Every student who uses one, wants one.

Amazingly, within minutes of first riding a colt with the Mikmar, they begin to soften, give and bend, and later, the transition to a show bit is always smooth and non-eventful.

I have a box full of bits I never use. I have three I use all the time: a good snaffle with a rope noseband, a Mikmar, and a show bit.

P.S. I'm still using the first Mikmar I ever bought in 1972. They literally last a lifetime.

Judy Lee Dickson, TN 37055

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