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Legendary endurance rider Valerie Kanavy is invited to compete in the HH President of the United Arab Emirates Endurance Cup, and brings Mikmar Bits as gifts to His Royal Highness.

Horses just might be the best diplomats of all. In a recent event, the love of horses and their noble accomplishments brought the world together in an endurance classic of international significance. It was February of 2006, and legendary endurance rider Valerie Kanavy had accepted a gold-plated invitation to be the guest of His Highness The President of United Arab Emirates. The occasion was HH The President of United Arab Emirates Endurance Cup, with the best riders and horses from around the world competing in this most amazing international desert competition.

When Kanavy considered what kind of gift she might bring to His Highness, she thought of Mikmar bits. She had discovered Mikmar’s Pelham bit, loved it, thought it gave her better control, and how better to show her appreciation of this invitational honor than to give something she valued greatly in her horsemanship? Valerie called Mikmar and talked to its president, Dan Weyand, telling him how much she loved the Mikmar bit, and said she would like to buy several to take with her for gifts.

With an array of gift-wrapped Mikmar Bits in hand, Valerie set out for the Middle East and this most amazing venue, half a world away, to one of three villages built especially for endurance competitions in the desert of United Arab Emirates – the Emirates International Endurance Village near Al Wathba. With her daughter, Danielle, the two comprise a dynasty of Endurance World Championships; now they would represent the USA in this prestigious international event and their crewing area would be next to the niece of the Ruler of Dubai, Sheikha Madiya, an enthusiastic horsewoman and generous hostess.

Preliminary activities are part social – Middle Eastern barbecues, renewing friendships with other riders – and part preparing for the event, conversing with crews, assessing the condition of the horses, and mentally preparing for an exciting, exhausting ride. They began in the desert darkness, before the sun – Danielle on #22, Ironman Gold, and Valerie on #23, Bull – both pure Arabian Geldings, tall, white, and beautiful to behold. Victory was not to be theirs this event, but, as always, the participation of these two accomplished endurance riders contributed to the class and quality of the competition.

And the Mikmar bits Valerie took as gifts? Sheikha Madiya received one, and another was given to His Highness, Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan, ruler of Abu Dhabi .

For Mikmar, Dan Weyand and his staff are gratified to know that championship riders recognize the part a Mikmar bit can play in the harmony between horse and rider. They are greatly complimented by Kanavy’s choosing their products as her gift to royalty.

“Of all the gifts she could have given His Highness, Valerie chose Mikmar,” Weyand said. “We are very appreciative of this honor – and are pleased to know that we are touching every corner of the world.”



The Mikmar Company introduces the Mikmar Comfort Girth, the girth that allows freedom of movement and breathing.

Scientific studies have proven that a tightened Girth inhibits optimum performance of a horse. Specifically, over tightening and rigid girthing affects the respiratory function and compresses the muscles,which reduces blood flow and the supply of oxygen. This can result in spasms, impaired movement, reduced power, uneven gaits, defense reactions and
refusals. The solution is the Mikmar Comfort Girth. A Girth designed to move with the horse for maximum performance and comfort!

Formerly know as Le Tixerant, the re-designed, new and improved Mikmar Comfort Girths incorporate a wide center Gibaud panel, a technical material made in France, with quality padded leather, attractive stitching and roller buckles.The Gibaud elasticized panel in the center allows the horse's ribs to expand and contract without restriction. This unique elastic panel covers a much larger area of your horses belly, reducing pressure and virtually eliminate the risk of pinching. The panel is lined with a natural non-slip alveolar rubber and is positioned over the sternum to keep the saddle centralized and fully secure to prevent the saddle from slipping.

"We listened to the riders requests and re-designed the girths to specifically address the USA customers needs" says Dan Weyand, President of the Mikmar Company.
An addition of a safety strap inner woven between the Gibaud Panel prevents riders over tightening the elastic fabric, thus improving durability, overall structure, and product longevity.
The Gibaud center panel is now black in color, instead of gray, improving appearance with less visibility of the panel under the belly.
High quality padded leather, attractive stitching, and roller buckles, offer a more elegant appearance and improved durability.
A center section replacement service that will re-furbish an older girth if needed.

Available in Dressage and Hunter/Jumper styles.
For details on the Comfort Girths "CLICK HERE"


"I have both the Feather Bit and the Training Bit, and they are great.  I plan to buy the All Around bit next.   The Mikmar Training Bit has probably saved my marriage - training your other half is something you don't want to do.  I could not keep my wife's hands still, despite everything I tried.  The horse and I were at our wits end with her.  I bought the training bit, and low and behold the constant bickering between those two stopped.  I sure am happy."  Thanks, Paul


Well known for innovative and effective bit designs, The Mikmar Bit Company breaks the mold with ”The Flexion Combo”, based on the highly successful original Combination Bit. It’s design crosses all riding styles and disciplines, and can help anyone better communicate with their horse.”Like the original Mikmar Combination Bit, The Flexion Combo disperses pressure to the nose, mouth, chin and poll, and provides the versatility of three areas for rein placement. However, this design offers stainless steel, swiveling cheek pieces that function independently, with fixed purchases to ensure a steady bridle connection. The moveable cheek action aids in lifting each side of the horses’ shoulders and frame separately. Suede tubing has been added to the nose-rope for stability, feel and looks. The Flexion Combo is available with the Mikmar Jointed/Slanted or Standard mouthpiece. The Jointed mouthpiece affords the rider a softer, more lateral connection. The Standard mouthpiece provides more leverage and a solid feel. Both are excellent for achieving balance, lateral and vertical flexion and control.

The Flexion Combo has was in the development process for 3 years and has been tested by professionals, as well as amateur and junior riders. “We love principles and results of the original Mikmar Combination Bit, and wanted to develop something similar in function that would appeal to more people. The Flexion Combo offers more flexibility and a softer feel, and that will be useful to a wider variety of riders and horses at all levels,” says Kim Weyand, vice-president of Mikmar.

“We have European riders who have been asking for this swiveling version of our Combination Bit for the past few years. We worked hard on this design, and after many prototypes and test rides, we finally dialed in the perfect way for it to function. Many different levels of horses and riders will benefit from the unique, kind, yet effective control that this bit offers.”

Mikmar Bits win again in Spruce Meadows $1,000,000 Class

SPRUCE MEADOWS, Calgary, AB): French rider Eugenie Angot finished the Spruce Meadows “Masters” the same way she started – with a win in the International Ring. She took home a $325,000 winner’s cheque when she headed today’s CN International, a competition carrying the world’s largest show jumping purse. The Mikmar Combination Bit was Eugenie's bit of choice to pilot Cigale du Tallis to the double clear victory. THREE of the last FOUR winners of the CN International, WON using a Mikmar Bit.





Mikmar’s Ergöm Lozenge Bits Approved by USEF/USDF for Dressage Competition
New Mouthpiece Features Patent-Pending Cupreon Alloy

During its annual convention in January, the United States Equestrian Federation, the governing body for the United States Dressage Federation, officially approved Mikmar Bit Company’s patent-pending Cupreon Ergöm Lozenge Mouthpiece for use in dressage competition.

The Ergöm Lozenge features a grooved center link ideal in size and shape for both effectiveness and comfort. The innovative shape of the mouthpiece eliminates undesirable nutcracker action, palate interference and pinching, all common problems with most snaffles, even double-jointed ones. Plus, the Ergöm Lozenge softens excessive pressure to the outside of the mouth by providing a more consistent feel over the tongue.

The Ergöm Lozenge is made of Cupreon, a superior Copper alloy that’s non-toxic and Nickel-free, and designed specifically for horses. This highly palatable alloy promotes salivation and mouthing of the bit, resulting in a horse that is more responsive, while still being relaxed and focused. In an independent laboratory test the Mikmar-exclusive Cupreon was also found to offer higher tensile strength than other patented copper alloy bits.

“We are very pleased,” says Dan Weyand, president of Mikmar Bit Company, “not just for the company, but for everyone who has already fallen in love with this bit. The USEF/USDF has very strict guidelines on shape and linkages for mouthpieces used in dressage competition, sometimes more strict than the FEI in Europe. So we were very pleased when Gil Merrick, Managing Director for Dressage, contacted us with the news that our newest bit had been approved.”

The Ergöm Lozenge Mouthpiece is available in five cheek pieces for 2006, including Loose Ring, Loose Ring Eggbutt, Eggbutt, Full Cheek, and D Ring. All are available exclusively through Mikmar authorized dealers.

Equestrian Royalty Ties the Knot; Gives Mikmar the Boot
Mikmar becomes exclusive North American distributor of the jump-higher Doda Hind Boot.It was a fairytale to make any society column envious, the marriage of the equestrian worlds’ most glamorous couple, Brazilian equestrian and two-time Olympian Alvaro “Doda” Afonso de Miranda and multi-billion dollar heiress Athena Onassis in a lavish ceremony. Brought together by a mutual passion for horses and show jumping, the couple met while at a riding center in Belgium . The Mikmar Bit Company shares their passion for horses, and is proud to introduce their own exclusive partnership with Doda: an exclusive North American distributorship of his amazing invention, the Doda Hind Boot, which helps horses jump more effectively. "Our strength lies in diversity,” says Dan Weyand, president of Mikmar Bit Company. “We have the good fortune to be exposed to many diverse cultures and rider points of view the world over. Though we’re mainly known for our unique line of bits, when we discovered Doda’s boot concept we knew we had something fresh and innovative, and completely in line with our design philosophy of helping riders achieve maximum athleticism through harmonious means.” Weyand concluded, “When we saw it working so well with the European market we knew we had to get it into the hands of North American riders right away.” Doda Hind Boots are available at over 250 premium English tack stores throughout the United States and Canada , wherever Mikmar Bits are sold.

Otto Becker Captures Spruce Meadows with Mikmar Combination Bit

Becker Says Dobel's Cento 'More Together' with Mikmar Bit

Otto Becker of Germany took home first place on Dobel's Cento in the $1-million CN International at the Spruce Meadows Masters this past Sunday, September 7 in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Becker was the only rider to produce a double-clear round.  During a press conference after the event, Becker explained that he rides with the uniquely designed Mikmar Combination Bit® with great success - as evidenced by this win in the world's richest event.

"As far as control... the bit makes a difference, and for a horse like Dobel's Cento, it works very good," Becker said. "After the German Championships [last July] I tried the Mikmar Combination Bit at a small show and it worked very good. Then I used it at the European Championships and here at Spruce Meadows, and I have a very good feeling about this. He's more together, and that's what you need on the course."

Becker and Dobel's Cento, along with Ludger Beerbaum and Goldfever both used the bit to help secure the Team Gold Medal for Germany in the Nations Cup Competition on Friday evening at Spruce Meadows. This duo was also among the German team who won this summer at the European Championships.

Beerbaum has himself become a proponent of the Mikmar bit, crediting it with creating a marked change in Goldfever's performance, which helped him win the prestigious Grand Prix of Aachen at the annual World Equestrian Festival in Germany this summer.

Becker and Beerbaum are not the only world-class riders who have embraced the flexible, light control offered by the Mikmar Bit. Event rider Darren Chiacchia won the Stuart Horse Trials using it and Marco Kutscher won the German Championships. Will Simpson, Kevin Babington, Rodrigo Pessoa and Franke Sloothaak have also recognized the bit's outstanding performance.

German Rider Beerbaum Wins Hamburg and Aachen with Goldfever and USA-Designed Bit

World-Renowned Riders Note Improved Performances with Mikmar Bits

Top-ranked German show jumping rider Ludger Beerbaum and his horse Goldfever recently captured the prestigious Grand Prix of Aachen at the annual World Equestrian Festival in Germany. Beerbaum has credited his use of the Mikmar Combination Bit® with creating a marked change in Goldfever's performance. Beerbaum isn't the only top jumper rider who has discovered the benefits of using the unusual Mikmar Bit. Leading competitors such as Rodrigo Pessoa, Kevin Babington and Franke Sloothaak have also commented on the bit's outstanding performance. According to Beerbaum, the Mikmar Bit has caused a sensation in Europe. "With this bit I can do things that I couldn't before," said Beerbaum. "I can turn tighter and still make sure he is with me, listening to me... With this bit I have his attention all the time and that is actually a very nice and safe feeling."

Marco Kutscher takes the Gold in the German Championships in the Mikmar Combination Bit

Gera - Marco Kutscher from Riesenbeck on "Montender" became the new German Champion in the Hunter Jumper discipline in Gera, the silver medal went to Otto Becker from Muehlen on Cento, the bronze medal went to Christian Ahlman from Mahrl on Coester.

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