Mikmar Gaitied Horse Reviews

We purchased a Mikmar Flexion Combo Bit for my husband's horse Cowboy about 2 years ago. We couldn't be happier with it! Cowboy is an 8 year old Tennessee Walking Horse who basically had refused to do a running walk and paced or trotted instead, he would not give to a bit, fought collection and was basically very rough to ride in gaits any faster than a walk. We tried the Mikmar Bit as a last shot in hopes of just a little improvement (we were afraid he didn't have a smooth gaiting ability at this point). To our surprise, just as the videos promise, Cowboy was immediately more comfortable in this bit. The equal pressure points it provides did wonders for his vertical flexion and collection. He no longer fought to lean out on the bit. The wide footprint of the bit clearly is more comfortable for him, as he doesn't even argue anymore when being bridled! Since we've switched to this bit, we have been able to work much more effectively and efficiently at keeping Cowboy in a smooth 4 beat running walk which we can now maintain for miles at a time. Thank you Mikmar! It's made an amazing difference. You saved my husband AND his horse!

-Nora Hickey

I received my Mikmar Combo Bit on Tuesday of this week, used it, and I now have a new horse. I inherited this horse, sight unseen, six years ago. He is a beautiful American saddle horse, with a loving disposition and a passion for speed. He is an older horse, and I have taken good care of him as he is fit enough to ride regularly. But I have always had to fight to make him walk! I have tried everything! At his age I am always struggling with, should I or shouldn't I, ride him- not wanting him to get injured.

Since the Mikmar Bit, three days in a row! Quiet... uneventful... pleasurable outings. He is totally engaged. This horse is very loved by the barnowner, vet and farrier because of his age, health, beauty and personality. The stable master as she is so impressed with his immediate change she wants to show it to a successful Thoroughbred/Draft Horse owner for consideration. Unbelievable! Susan W. Gulfport, Mississippi

PS The video was wonderful and informative.

I'm not in the habit of endorsing products, but I have to say this bit is amazing. I have a large, spirited, Tennessee Walker that would either try to get under the bits I have previously used, or would pull to one side or the other. This resulted in an inconsistent gait, sometimes poorly collected. The very first time I tried the Mikmar bit on him the improvement in collection was dramatic. his mouth remained soft, wet, and responsive. Even though I have been riding my whole life, and thought myself experienced, this bit has improved my sense of control remarkably. It's nice to find out that your product advertising truthful. I wish I had encountered your bit 20 years ago. Thanks. Phil Mendocino, Ca.

I purchased the Mikmar Combination Bit for my Paso Fino and used it this past weekend. I found it to be everything you said! I was surprised at how easy my horse accepted it and seemed to enjoy it. I didn't have any problems with him not listening to me or pulling as he had in the past. It was a good investment! Jo Ellen Canton, Ohio

Dear Mikmar Bit Company,
I received my Mikmar Bit. I was very excited to try it out. My mare, a Tennessee Walker, took to the bit very quickly. After doing a little chewing for a while, she adjusted to the bit and liked it. We always have had to have a tiedown before, because she was throwing her head. With her new bit, she is just fine without the tiedown. The Mikmar Training Bit is the best investment I've ever made.

Sincerely, Anna
Buckeye, Arizona

Testimonial letter from Michele Walterhouse:

Thank you for shipping out the Mikmar I requested. I have been using the bit on my older saddle horse and my two-year old. I am finding that the response is great! My saddle horse tends to be difficult to whoa, but is working very well off this bit. My two-year-old is very big-hearted and willing, but we had trouble getting flexion. This bit is working out our problems greatly! Once again, thank you and I will promote this bit with enthusiasm! Please keep me in mind for other products you may have. Sincerely, Michele Walterhouse

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