For those desiring a mild leverage bit with a "solid" mouthpiece. Good for all Western disciplines from Competition to Ranch to Trail riding. It's an easy bit for soft
to medium mouthed horses to carry on a daily basis. It's perfect for transitioning from the snaffle to a shanked curb style bit, re-schooling, or going softer from a harsher bit. The Butterfly Bit aids in helping the horse to understand and respond to leverage without
over bitting.  It helps teach proper head set, flexion and collection. Mild leverage improves control for learning better stops, back ups and direction. It comes in Antique Bronze Shanks with German Silver Accents and Trim - Leather Curb Strap included.
   The shanks measure 2" from mouthpiece to rein ring, with a low 2 1/2" purchase height from mouthpiece to bridle ring. The Bit provides mild poll and curb pressure. It's consistent solid action with nice lateral feel, and independent shoulder lift. It has swiveling shanks for ease of teaching flexion and direction. It offers 2 areas for rein placement for varying pressure. You can ride one or two handed effectively. The Butterfly Bit makes the
transition from direct reining to neck reining easier.
     The mouthpiece is made of Sweet Iron offering a sweet taste, encouraging salivation production promoting a softer, more responsive mouth.  It's slightly curved for a comfortable mouthpiece design for the horse. The bars are rounded to the corners of the shank, so there is no pinching. The port is flatter shaped and provides ample room for the tongue.
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