The beautifully crafted Mikmar Ergöm Lozenge Pelham unites Mikmars Ergöm Lozenge mouthpiece made of “Cupreon” with, stainless steel Pelham cheeks. “Cupreon” is a material created exclusively for Mikmar, specifically for horses. This material exemplifies Mikmars dedication to producing innovative products that continue to improve communication between horse and rider.

Favorable to horses, “Cupreon” is a superior quality Copper alloy. Due to the composition and oxidation process, this appealing and highly palatable formulation promotes salivation and mouthing of the bit. It is non-toxic and Nickel free.The Ergöm Lozenge Mouthpiece   Approved by both the USEF and USDF, the Cupreon Ergöm Lozenge is a double-jointed style mouthpiece with a unique center link. The Ergöm Lozenge is a grooved center link and is an ideal size and shape for effectiveness and comfort. The bars of the mouthpiece measure 16mm and are curved, fitting properly and conforming to each individual horses mouth. The cheeks are available in two sizes, four inch and five inch, offering the rider a variation of leverage and style. The Ergöm Lozenge mouthpiece has been reduced in size slightly to maximize function and balance of the bit. Pelham bits offer the use of the snaffle or curb rein individually or simultaneously. The snaffle rein position, which is the upper ring, provides direct pressure, aids in lateral flexion and lifts the horses frame. The lower rein position, aids in vertical flexion and activates the curb chain, providing leverage when needed. The Mikmar Ergom Lozenge Pelham is not only stylish but effective for both the show ring and training. It is a favorite of Equitation, both show and field hunters, and Jumper riders.

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