Gag + Elevator Bit = Gagavator.   A "BEST SELLER" for Barrels and Gymkhana. The Mikmar Short Shank Gagavator is a quicker activating bit that allows the rider a quick pick up and release ride. It is excellent for lifting the shoulders and lightening. Works well for developing bend and flexibility. It encourages flexion, collection and good control. It discourages the horse from leaning and pulling, with excellent rate or half halt. A nice tool for helping the horse transfer weight to the hind quarters, and getting underneath himself for better turns. The Sweet Iron mouthpiece pacifies a busy -mouthed horse and keeps the mouth moist and soft.

The Short Shank Gagavator offers more poll pressure and stop than the Two and Three Ring styles. Works well for all level horses. We recommend using a leather curb strap for bit stability.

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