To be an effective-safe rider, it's essential that you find that "secure seat" and "correct body position. For many equestrians that can be a struggle! Unintentionally, the rider can hinder rather than support their horse, compromising communication and performance.

A rider can try very hard to present the correct signals and maintain fluidity of position, but if they lack the joint mobility and body control, this can never happen. The movement issues must be addressed joint by joint before integrating them into a flawless ride.

Kori Lyn Angers has designed "Riders Prep", the perfect conditioning routine that activates and strengthens "Equestrian-specific" body issues -- with on point focused exercises that get you ready to ride!

These targeted exercises correct weaknesses and bad habits that riders often develop. Both you and your horse will benefit from "Riders Prep", as it improves your overall strength, stamina, body control, mobility and symmetry -- which translates to your becoming a "complete rider" -- a rider who is confident, effective, efficient, comfortable, safe, and injury free.

Use her routine as a pre-ride dynamic warm-up, or a way to stay sharp and connected with your horse on the days you can't be in the saddle.

Allow Kori to become your personal trainer and follow along as she guides both professional and amateur riders through her pain-free, easy-to-do exercises, sure to advance your equestrian athletic ability.

About Kori: So you think you've met some fitness and nutrition experts in your quest for great conditioning? Well chances are you haven't met a "guru" with these credentials -- and on top of that, one that has actually designed a workout specifically for the horse rider.

Meet Kori Lyn Angers, a Los Angeles based strength and conditioning specialist who's worked with some of America's best- known athletes.

Whether the objective is peak performance, weight loss and toning, or injury prevention, Kori Lyn designs and directs strength, conditioning, speed and agility programs to target each client's specific exercise needs.

But it is Kori Lyn's love for horses that has brought her to Equestrian Nation.


All of her experience working with the National Hockey League, Soccer Teams, the NFL, and Major League Baseball - to name just a few -- now is channeled into working with you to make your horseback competitions and your pleasure riding time more dynamic and more successful.

Kori Lyn Angers earned a degree in exercise physiology and bio mechanics from Cal State Fullerton, and now with ten years of nationally recognized training behind her, she not only guarantees your physicality and the integrity of your movement, but she guarantees long-lasting results!

As a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, Kori Lyn is the highest level of Strength Coach in the country, certified so by the association that governs all professional and collegiate sports.

Is this the time to bring your horsemanship full circle -- and enhance your talent and performance through the ultimate in conditioning? If so, Kori Lyn Angers just might be the "guru" you're looking for!

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