The Horseshoe Snaffle Bit is excellent for horses and riders of all levels. Its weight and design offers a correct balance in the rider’s hands allowing you to develop a great feel, consistent connection and a quiet, responsive mouth. Wonderful for suppling, working each side of the horse individually, softening of the jaw and overall carriage and collection. The D shape of the cheek is helpful for teaching direction and provides good stability for stops. Perfect for everyday use in the arena, trails, or working on the ranch and showing where a snaffle bit is required.

The mouthpiece is made of Sweet Iron with copper inlays and a French Link copper roller centerpiece. These metals stimulate saliva production which promotes a softer more responsive mouth. In addition the roller helps keeps a nervous or “busy mouthed” horse pacified. This mouthpiece design eliminates the “nutcracker action” of a single jointed snaffle. It sits comfortably in the mouth and provides ample control without abuse.
The Horseshoe Snaffle offers an Antique Bronze Western style D with Stainless Steel Accents and Diamond Trim. The mouthpiece is made of Sweet Iron and offers a French Link-Copper Roller centerpiece.


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