The Mikmar Swoop is an Elevator / Gag style bit that offers the feel and function of two bits in one. With mild contact it has a snaffle feel and function. The unique shape of the high quality stainless steel cheek piece offers a large ring with a bar connecting to a smaller ring. Due to its design the bit activates slowly in a swooping motion, moving up farther in the horse’s mouth. With added rein pressure the bit elevates, activating the curb chain and adding a significant amount of leverage. It allows you to be soft, yet strong, when needed. The curb chain is necessary for proper function of the bit and should be adjusted to fit loosely. Often difficult horses become relaxed and happier, and will do well in this bit. It is excellent for those desiring more elevation, flexion, and control. It helps to correct the horse from getting behind the bit, grabbing the bit, leaning, pulling, or running through it. A tool for helping the horse transfer weight to the hind quarters, get underneath himself and off the forehand. The unique Sweet Iron mouthpiece is non-pinching and keeps the mouth moist, soft and pacified. The Mikmar Swoop is not useful for heavy- handed riders

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