The Legacy Loose Ring Snaffle is for those desiring a Loose Ring Snaffle Bit for horses and riders of all levels. Good for all Western disciplines.  It's perfect for everyday use in the arena, trails, working on the ranch
and showing where a snaffle bit is required. It's a nice Bit for starting youngsters, teaching green broke horses or re-schooling. The Bit's weight and design offers a correct balance in the rider’s hands allowing you to develop a great feel and a quiet, responsive mouth. It comes in Antique Bronze Cheeks with  German Silver & Brass Flower Detail and Trim.  It has the same Mouthpiece as the Horseshoe Snaffle bits.
     The cheeks are very unique Loose Ring style cheeks allow movement of the mouthpiece along the ring itself with a bridle attachment slot that helps to stabilize the bit. This is particularly good for added control, consistency in
feel and function and offers a more independent action for ease of teaching flexion and direction.  The rider can finesse their aids with subtle changes in rein pressure
as there is more play and sliding of the mouthpieces when the rings shift.
   The mouthpiece is made of Sweet Iron with Copper inlays and a French Link/Copper Roller centerpiece. The metals offer a sweet taste and stimulates saliva production promoting a softer, more responsive mouth. The three piece design sits comfortably in the mouth, is non pinching and eliminates the "nutcracker action" of a single jointed snaffle. The roller helps keep a "busy mouthed" horse pacified and provides mild tongue pressure for more control.
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