For English Disciplines.

The Mikmar Pelham Bit (with straight mouthpiece) incorporates the traditional Pelham cheek pieces with the unique light-weight Mikmar mouthpiece, giving you the “Perfect Pelham.” This bit operates through both direct action and leverage, using a curb chain or leather curb strap. The cheek pieces are made of the highest quality Stainless Steel available.

Mikmar Pelham with Jointed Mouthpiece
The Mikmar double jointed low port mouthpiece offers riders the benefits of a broken mouthpiece, while still using the traditional Mikmar mouthpiece style. The design of this mouthpiece helps with lateral flexion, and also contours to the individual horse's mouth.

The Mikmar Pelhams combine classic Pelham cheek pieces made of high quality stainless steel, and the lightweight mouthpieces are made of the special Mikmar alloy. A Pelham bit offers the rider the use of a snaffle and curb rein simultaneously.  The snaffle rein position which is the upper ring, provides direct pressure, aids in lateral flexion and lifts the horse’s frame. The lower ring rein position, aids in vertical flexion and activates the curb chain providing leverage when needed.

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