The "Heirloom Legacy” Bits with shanks are designed with an emphasis on helping the rider create a great feel and perfect timing by delivering a consistent, steady signal that is easy for the horse and rider to understand. They help to develop a good, quiet, responsive mouth and are useful for encouraging correct headset, vertical flexion, balance, and collection. All important factors for developing proper show, competition and trail horses. They are a nice tool for helping the horse transfer weight to the hind quarters, aiding in better turns, stops and back up.

The Shanks measure 5” and offer more leverage and a quicker reaction time than the original Legacy bit styles. They swivel allowing for a nice lateral feel, and independent shoulder lift. The “Heirloom Legacy” bits work well for horses already in a leverage bit or transitioning to a shank style bit.

The mouthpiece is the same as the original Legacy bits. It is slightly curved and extremely comfortable. The port is flatter shaped and provides ample room for the tongue and the bars are rounded to the corners of the shank, so there is no pinching. It's made of Sweet Iron, a metal well known for its sweet taste and ability to encourage salivation which helps the horse to loosen and soften in the jaw.

This style Heirloom Legacy bit offers Stainless Steel Shanks with German Silver Accent and Diamond Shaped Trim. The mouthpiece is made of Sweet Iron. Leather curb strap included. Available in one size fits 5"-5.25” mouthpiece.


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