The Flexion Combination Bits are a variation of the original Combination Bit. Dispersing pressure to the nose, mouth, chin, and poll areas. The bit offers swiveling cheek pieces that function independently. The movable cheek action aids in lifting each side of the horses shoulders and frame separately. They provide a softer, more lateral feel than the original style.  The Flexion Combination Bits are versatile, offering different options for leverage and function. You can attach a single rein to 3 different areas on the bit- the nose rope, the lower area of the shank or the shank at the corner of the mouth. You can use double reins in combination to any of the 3 areas.

Attaching a rein to the NOSE ROPE puts mild pressure across the nose and takes some concussion out of the mouth. It softens the feel of the bit, and slows it's action by dispersing the pressure to 4 areas on the head. The nose, mouth, chin and poll.

Attaching a rein to the LOWER SHANK area makes the bit function in a direct way with more leverage. Attaching a rein to the SHANK AT THE CORNER OF THE MOUTH provides a milder direct pressure on the bit. The shank options delete the nose pressure. The rope does not need to be removed, it will stay in place.

-The STRAIGHT MOUTHPIECE is a Slanted/Low Port version of the original Mikmar Standard style. The Straight mouthpiece provides more leverage and a solid feel.
-The JOINTED MOUTHPIECE is a Double-Jointed, Slanted/Low Port version of the original Mikmar Standard style. The Jointed mouthpiece affords the rider a softer more lateral connection.
-The Flexion Combination Bits DISCOURAGE bit evasions like head tossing and high headedness, pulling, rooting, and defensive, nervous behaviors.
-The Flexion Combination Bits ENCOURAGE responsiveness, correct head carriage, lateral and vertical flexion, collection, control, and relaxation.
-Their versatility makes them a popular choice for Barrel Racing, Gaited horses, Jumping, Endurance and all levels of training and pleasure riding.
-GAITED Riders can maintain a steady connection and encourage collection, helping the horse maintain their proper gaits consistently, without over-bitting, resulting in a smoother ride.

Sizes:  Straight Mouthpiece  5.25"  5.50"   
Jointed Mouthpiece  5.00"  5.25"  5.50"

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