Mikmar Elevator Bit -  Mikmar Split Ring Snaffle
The Mikmar Split Ring Elevator offers Mikmars Double-Jointed Slanted Low Port mouthpiece combined with a Split Ring style cheek piece. The bit provides an elevator function by means of sliding up and down on the inner bar of the cheek. A fixed bridle and rein attachment is offered, resulting in leverage type action. A second rein option on the ring behind the loop allows movement of the rein along the cheek if desired. The mouthpiece is comfortably and properly positioned in the horse’s mouth for effective results. The bit incorporates a copper roller, which stimulates saliva production. The up and down movement of the mouthpiece encourages mouthing and a relaxed jaw. This bit is ideal for horses needing to elevate and lighten. It helps correct horses that tend to carry their heads too low, or that like to lean on, root or grab the bit. It aids in both lateral and vertical flexion, proper carriage and control for the rider.

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