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Peruvian Paso
New Videos Bartlett Ranch & Mikmar Bits
Cowboy Legend Bill Smith and The Bartlett Ranch of Wyoming use Mikmar Bits to start their young colts.
Peruvian Paso
New Videos Trail Riders & Mikmar Bits
A look into how the Mikmar line of bits help you and your horse have a more enjoyable time on the trail.
Peruvian Paso
New Videos Peruvian Pasos
As smooth as glass, Jody Childs of Del Dios Peruvians demonstrates how the Mikmar Feather Bit helps with the Peruvian Horse’s beautiful gait.
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Walking Horses
New Videos Bridling The Walking Horse

Charla James of Justapleasure Stables uses different Mikmar Bits with her Walking Horses.
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Black And White Paint Horse
New Videos Bit Tips
A young paint has a good disposition, but likes being in control. Kim Weyand of the Mikmar Bit Company uses the Mikmar Training Bit to turn him into a well mannered horse.
Black And White Paint Horse
New Videos Barrel Racing Bits
Vicki Dobson and Kristy Dobson-Roden show the benefits of using the Mikmar Watson 3 Ring and Mikmar Flexion Combo with a Jointed Mouthpiece on barrel racers.
Bit Overview
Brief overview of the many Mikmar Bit styles to choose from. Options, use, and how they are made is discussed.
Bit and Mouth Terminology
This video clip explains the terminology used when discussing bits and how they affect the horse, including the points on the horse and flexion.
Why Mikmar Bits Were Invented
Mikmar creator Frank Evans talks about why he invented the first Mikmar Bit.
History of Mikmar Bits
Frank Evans talks about the first Mikmar Bit.
Frank Evans Discusses Bits
From the Snaffle to the Tom Thumb, Mikmar creator Frank Evans discusses many different types of bits, how they work and function.