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Frank Evans Discusses Bits
From the Snaffle to the Tom Thumb, Mikmar creator Frank Evans discusses many different types of bits, how they work and function.
Top Quarter Horse Ranch Using Mikmar Bits
Brooks Quarter Horses in Northern California raises 50 head of top performance Quarter Horses every year on their 7000 acre ranch. They use Mikmar Bits in their training operation with great success. This video clip shows you how many of his horses are going.
Proper Mikmar Bit Adjustment
This shows you how to adjust and fit the Mikmar Training Bit properly. The adjustment instructions do apply to all the styles of Mikmar Bits.
Three Year-Old Trying Its First Mikmar
Lou Roper tries a Mikmar Training Bit on a 3 year old Arabian Mare, who has never had anything but a snaffle in her mouth.
Head Tossing Problems
Trainer Lou Roper discusses the causes of head tossing, and how Mikmar Bits can help.
Mikmar Testimonial: Accomplished Rider
Jeffery Zinder has been riding for years and lives on a small ranch with 5 horses. He talks about his first negative impression of the look of the Mikmar Bits, and then his reaction after he tried them.
Mikmar Testimonial: Ranch Horse
Story about Corky, a big ranch broke Quarter Horse Gelding who tries the Mikmar Training Bit for the first time.
Mikmar Testimonial: Nightmare Pony
Story about first time horse buyers who purchased a Pony that was not a good match for their daughter.
Mikmar Testimonial: Nervous Horse
Tahoe is a Paint Horse that they use a tie down on. He tends to be a bit nervous. His rider tries the Mikmar Training Bit on him for the first time in this video clip.
Western Combination Bit
Trainer Lou Roper talks about the use of the Mikmar Combination in Western training.
All-Discipline Horse Trainers
Years ago, most horse trainers did it all. Frank Evans reflects on how it used to be.