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Training Bit
The Training Bit

The Combo Bit

The late Frank Evans, inventor of Mikmar Bits, and founder of the company was from an era when a trainer had to do it all - halter, western riding, English riding, even driving. In 1953 he originally patented the Mikmar Training Bit. He was a highly regarded USA Equestrian judge, and at one time held twelve judging cards for various breeds and disciplines. He was also one of the foremost trainers and exhibitors for well over 50 years. Frank Evans spent a lifetime perfecting his bits to provide effective results, without abuse to the horse. They are designed to encourage vertical and lateral flexion, proper balance and carriage, and a soft-fresh mouth. When a rider applies pressure (pulls) on the reins, it sends a signal to the nose, mouth (bars and tongue), chin, and poll areas simultaneously, instead of to only one focused area. The horse receives pressure to the nose rope and curb strap, through the shanks, just ahead of the mouthpiece. The nose rope applies downward and backward pressure and the curb strap applies upward pressure. This encourages the horse to relax at the poll, which gives vertical flexion. The wide, mild mouthpiece, immediately following, rotates slowly downward and back to apply pressure over the tongue and bars. The width of the mouthpiece gives the horse an advanced signal that there is an incoming request. The bit also incorporates a copper roller, which stimulates saliva production with its rolling action, and keeps a nervous or “busy-mouthed” horse pacified. It also discourages the horse from putting its tongue over the bit. Because of this unique design the rider can use a softer hand. Frank Evans said, ”This process helps the horse to better understand what is being asked of him, which translates to a happier horse whose mouth can be protected and kept soft and fresh over time.” The Mikmar Bits are a kinder, yet more effective way to communicate with your horse.

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