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For Western Disciplines.

The late Frank Evans, inventor of Mikmar Bits and founder of the company, designed the Mikmar Training Bit in 1953. It is well-known for its unique lightweight design, versatility, and excellent results, despite its curious first impression. Frank Evans said that, "because of the way this bit works, you are able to protect a horse's mouth and at the same time get desired results. It sends a clearer signal to the horse, allowing the rider to use a softer hand." The Mikmar Training Bit operates through leverage, with the addition of nose pressure.


Training Bit Standard - 5.25"

Training Bit Standard - 5.5"

Training Bit Low Port - 5.25"

Training Bit Low Port - 5.5"


  • The Training Bit DISPERSES PRESSURE to the nose, mouth, chin, and poll areas. This lightweight bit (14 ounces) was designed to develop vertical flexion, correct carriage, or just a good mouth. It works well for WESTERN disciplines.

  • The rein is attached to the NOSE ROPE and puts mild pressure across the nose and takes some concussion out of the mouth. It softens the feel of the bit, and slows it's action by dispersing the pressure to 4 areas on the head, the nose, mouth, chin and poll, giving the horse time to react to a request in a NON-ABRUPT way. When you put pressure on the reins (pull) this long shanked bit activates very slowly, it is forgiving contrary to its appearance.

  • The unique MOUTHPIECE is wide, flat and slow activating. It does not roll over fully or quickly and gives the horse time to react to a request. It is non-pinching, with a copper roller that stimulates saliva, keeps a nervous horse pacified, and encourages the horse to loosen and soften in the jaw. Available with the Standard mouthpiece or in a Low Port version- 3/4" less in height.

  • Discourages bit evasions like head tossing and high headedness, pulling, rooting, and defensive, nervous behaviors.

  • Encourages responsiveness, correct carriage, vertical flexion, collection, control, and relaxation.

  • Well known for producing professional results for the amateur trainer. Extremely popular for Trail/Pleasure riding, preparing the Western Show horse, and Gaited horses. It is excellent for re-schooling horses with bit evasion issues and produces a good head set.

Training Bit Headset


Just wanted to send a note of thanks for making the training bit available. I read the information and headed to the barn. I had just thought that I'd transfer it to my old headstall and let it go.

That didn't work---my Tennessee Walking mare (ten years old) just was so relaxed as I walked her around a little in the moonlight with her new birthday present. I had to saddle up and go. We rode an hour or so and she was so relaxed in that bit. Just had a ball. She wasn't a problem to start with, but I could see that she was even more mellow while still taking care of business. I tend to be a skeptical sort on some things----I'm not skeptical about the Mikmar bits now and Hope (my mare) sends her thanks also. Happy Birthday Hope. Tom/Aiken, SC

I have been hesitant to buy anything that looks like a quick fix or gimmick so I have avoided your product. I have gaited horses, Tennessee Walkers and Foxtrotters, as well as Quarter Horses and have been through various trainers over many years. Because of my work schedule I have a young girl who "exercises" my horses 4 times a week. I noticed a breakdown in their training and particularly their headset and engagement. After buying the Training Bit at the Equine Fair I tried it out the next day. It has been the best single investment I have ever made for my horses. I worked 3 different horses, both gaited and non-gaited, and after 10-15 minutes of just packing the bit began to work them and there was an immediate improvement. The exercise girl is now able to get the proper headset and an inexperienced rider was also able to achieve not only a good headset, but actual performance from a newly purchased Quarter Horse that had a real habit of throwing her head. The gaited horse moved so well, if I was still showing I would use this training bit. It helped to improve the headset and free up the shoulders allowing full engagement of the hindquarters with an immediate improvement in all gaits. I am a true believer in the value of these products. Jeffrey, CA.

I would just like to let you know how happy I am with your training bit. I was to the point of selling my horse when I saw your ad and decided to give just one more bit a try. Well I am sure glad I did because it has totally changed my horse. I love it and my horse loves it. He really is a totally different horse with your bit, more relaxed and responsive. Thank-you so much! Yvonne, WA.

Dear Mikmar, I received my bit and was very excited to try it out. My mare, a Tennessee Walker, took to it very quickly. After doing a little chewing, she adjusted and liked it. We always have had to have a tiedown before, because she was throwing her head. With her new bit, she is just fine without the tiedown. The Mikmar Training Bit is the best investment I've ever made. Sincerely, Anna

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