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Standard - 5.25"

Standard - 5.5"

Low Port - 5.25"

Low Port - 5.5"

Curved Low Port - 5.5"


The Mikmar Short Shank Bit is popular worldwide for English, Western and Driving disciplines.

It was one of the two original Mikmar bits, the other being the Mikmar Training bit.

The Mikmar Short Shank Bit is an easy to use mild leverage bit. A very useful bit for all level riders and abilities.

0ShortShankBitThe Mikmar Short Shank Bit offers a soft amount of leverage. It is a nice bit to transition to when you are not getting collection, or control in a snaffle bit. The Short Shank is an excellent option to using a snaffle bit with draw reins, a tie down, or a snaffle with a twisted mouthpiece. It will offer good results without the wear and tear to the mouth.

It is going to be softer than a Pelham, Kimberwick or Combination bit style.

The Mikmar Short Shank Bit offers two areas for rein placement on the shank: the upper rein slot giving you more direct pressure, and the more popular option, the lower rein slot giving you the function of a mild leverage bit, applying pressure to the mouth (bars and tongue), chin and poll areas.

Excellent for events like Barrel Racing, Penning, or Jumping, and extremely popular for Gaited horses, Trail and Pleasure riding.

The Mikmar Short Shank encourages vertical flexion, correct carriage, and balance with mild leverage for control.

Mikmar Short-Shank Bit with Low Port Mouthpiece
The Mikmar Low Port Mouthpiece offers the same design as the standard Mikmar Bit, but offers a lower port of 3/4 inch in height. It provides less palate pressure than our Standard Mouthpiece.

Susie Mikmar

“The Short Shank works well for a lot of
different types of horses. On one horse, we tried every bit you could imagine to change his balance, and nothing seemed to work until the Mikmar Short Shank.”
- Kevin Babington




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